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A space for something new - breath, creativity, possibility............................

Andrea McDonald

I was a pupil of the legendary Isa Duncanson until she retired in May 2009 and I took over the teaching of her classes. I achieved my Highland Associate teacher qualification in 2007,  just after I had qualified as a primary school teacher, and then went on to pass my Highland National Associate teacher qualification in 2009. Highland Dancing has given me many great experiences over the years, and I have enjoyed dancing and competing all over Scotland and performing displays in Greece and Belfast. I was fortunate to be a member of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo Highland Dancers in 2003, dancing for over 9000 people a night. We have a great group of dancers from 2 1/2 year olds  to adults and from beginners to very experienced dancers. We are always ready to welcome new dancers, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Andrea McDonald - School of Highland Dance

I have been practicing yoga for almost ten years and am a hatha vinyasa yin/yang yoga teacher. For me, the ideal yoga practice helps us sit, stand, and move with greater ease, less tension, and more joy. At my classes/workshops you will breathe deeply, receive clear directions that guide you through yoga poses, be offered modifications to suite your range of motion and level of experience, improve strength and flexibility in a fun and safe way, and conclude with moments of meditation to leave you calm and clear.

Namaste and I’ll see you on the mat!

Peggy Beardmore Yoga Self Care & Stretch  

email: /

mobile: 07972510047

Although I’ve only recently qualified as a Hatha Yoga teacher, I have been practicing yoga for many years and I’m very passionate about helping others to experience the physical, mental and emotional benefits of yoga. During class we’ll do a range of breathing practices (pranayama), yoga postures (asana) and relaxation (svasana) to build strength in mind and body. I believe that one of the hardest poses is one of the first that we are taught (and the one I used to think was the easiest) Tadasana or Mountain pose where we stand tall with our feet planted firmly on the ground - in this pose we embody all our challenges and we face the world exactly as we are.

Namaste Lou

Louise Smith


Mandy Abbott

  +44 7734 877 179

Mandy lives locally and  has practiced yoga for 20 years and knows the benefits it has given her both mentally and physically and would like to share some of her joy in Yoga for free. She is offering four free  taster sessions to  gauge what people may like and may want more of. Mandy has practiced mainly Hatha Yoga and has trained in Zen Yoga, which combines three elements, asanas or postures, the qi or energetics  worked by the postures and meditation which when the three are combined still the mind and can powerfully effect our health and wellbeing.

I have always been passionate about fitness and exercise and started

teaching  fitness classes over 17 years after qualifying as an Exercise to Music Instructor in 1999.

I have worked for Fife Sports and Leisure and Mind and Body Studio in Kirkcaldy teaching a variety of classes including aerobics, body conditioning, body max, spinning, aqua aerobics and Zumba.

I currently teach Dance Fit and Aerobics at the studio.

Classes are fun filled and friendly and are suitable for all levels of fitness – why not come along and give them a try.

If you require any further info please feel free to contact me on 07738890908 or at

Gill Mahady

Yoga is about connection, with yourself, with others. It’s about letting go of stuff you don’t need and marvelling in what wonderful individuals we all are. It is about building strength, flexibility and balance, both physically and mentally. It is a life skill that everyone can have access to, no matter what age, size, race, gender, bendiness or food preference!  My classes are rooted in this philosophy, so nobody feels left out or unable to be who they are.  I also enjoy weaving a little pranayama and meditation teaching into every class. This leaves my students feeling centred, refreshed, and ready to take on the day.

I run weekly classes and workshops and also work privately on a 121 basis.

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Lisa Mulabe

Tessa Welsh 

YesYoga & YesYoga Mamas

I’m Tess. 

I love movement, Yoga, Birth, Doodling, Music, being upside down, rolling in leaves, triangles, Soul Circles, wild swimming, belly laughs, Singing, dancing, tree bark, Frost, wavy lines, rainbows, and playing in nature with my little humans. 

​I fell in love with yoga, and with the power of movement, breathwork and meditation as a means to both deeply heal, transform and liberate. I have been exploring, learning, utilising and studying these wisdom practices for the last 15 years. I’ve trained and teach Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin Yoga, pre and post natal and family yoga.

My aim through teaching is to create inclusive and supportive somatic spaces that cultivates awareness, functional and smart movement that feeds into the everyday. Space to be creative and playful within a practical framework that Yoga provides. Safe space for all to inquire, question, shape shift and evolve. 

Karen Small - Nia Black BeltGreen Belt Certified, GROOVE Facilitator

When I went to my first Nia class in 2007 I had no idea what to expect; and could never have imagined that a couple of years later I would be the one teaching the class! It set me on a path of both personal and professional 

discovery, obtaining my White Belt in May 2009 (then Green, Blue, Moving To Heal, Brown and Black) and teaching Nia in Fife and beyond ever since. 

In November 2017 I became Scotland's first GROOVE facilitator. Incredibly simple and easy to follow I love how good GROOVE makes people feel. It's completely different to other group fitness classes, and perfect for anybody who feels like the whole gym thing is just not them.


Both Nia and GROOVE have amazing music and will leave you feeling great - body, mind and spirit. They are completely adaptable to all fitness levels and abilities. Both are ideally done barefoot (or with soft soled indoor shoes). Classes are welcoming and very friendly - both are non-competitive and all about being in a supportive environment. All you need to bring is water. 

These classes are what I love to do - and I really look forward to meeting you and finding which one is the best fit for you.

Paula has recently finished her training and has  graduated in Yoga specialising in the Menopause.  She is looking forward to practising with you all

07974 252589

Paula Wardrop

Rhona McFarlane

I am teaching an amazing fun programme called FitSteps alongside the FAB programme. FitSteps is a dance based fitness class derived from all your favourite Strictly dances.

The beauty of this programme is that you do not require a partner, it is suitable for all ages and abilities and you will have so much fun you will forget you are getting fit. I have added the FAB programme to the FitSteps original dance genres for additional flavour!

07813 882508


Pilates Scotland

Experience the many benefits of practicing Pilates, including increased core strength, improved flexibility & mobility, reduced pain & discomfort, injury prevention and much more! Our classes are suitable for beginners and for those who are looking for early progressions to their practice. Please click on our website link above for more information and to book your space.



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 And if you want to get in touch with Ralph or Hazel Watson who run this service, just click on the link below

Orla Beaton 07854 196 955

Orla is a Yoga Scotland and Essential Somatics certified teacher from Milnathort. Discovering Somatic Movement felt like a real "aha" moment in her movement practice, the involvement of the brain more and the ongoing discovery of deeply held stress patterns in her body has been freeing physically and emotionally. Not only does Somatic Movement release pain and tension in the body but it allows us to live with more mastery and joy. There is a real buzz about Somatics at the moment so Orla is excited about bringing the practice to The Space Upstairs in November

Jinti Wight-Boycott  mob: 07773391801

 I have now completed 600 hours of Qi Gong instructor courses with  Long White Cloud Qi Gong and with Nick Loffree Bioenergetic Helath and am excited  to share the practice with you.  This along with recent experience of dancing Nia for the last 13 years will inform my practice for the Qi Dance that I will also offer.

As the Chinese adage has it

“A Moving Hinge Never Rusts”

Move your body - Free your mind!

Amelia Pace +44 7814 038015

Amelia is a Massage Therapist, Transformational Coach, Artist, Mother, Energy work practitioner and facilitator of Women’s Circles, Cacao journeys, and retreats.

Amelia is passionate about working with women where she creates spaces for women to feel safe, held, and free to authentically express themselves.

Her calling is to guide people on a transformative journey, supporting them to love and ground themselves deeply, connect to Mother Earth, and awaken their inner power.

Helen Cromar

07719 709 498

Kirtan Singing Circles

What is kirtan?

 Kirtan is a devotional practice that involves call and response, with one person  leading the chanting while others respond.  The word stems from a Sanskrit root that means “to cut through,” so kirtan is also a practice for cutting through the idea of separation, for connecting to our hearts, and connecting to the moment through sound. It is a purifying and healing practice that transmutes our feelings of hopelessness into higher positive and expanded states.

What are rainbow songs?

Rainbow songs originated from rainbow gatherings around the world.  They were simple and repeated over and over so people could easily join in.  They were sung faster and louder, then slower and quieter, leading to silence. Not all songs will be 'rainbow songs' but will hold this kind of sentiment. 

For more info and to book:

Helen creates a beautiful & nurturing safe space, and her invitation is warmly open to anyone seeking time out to just breathe, relax, and help soften the edges of their lives as they gently unfurl.

Trained by ANSU School of Sound in the Borders (Now SoundSphere Scotland) in 2019, and gaining a distinction in Creative and Therapeutic Sound for Communities, she runs regular events across various venues in Fife, and has a beautiful ‘unfurling’ studio from her home, where she runs new moon circles, 1:1 sessions and small group work.

She is really looking forward to 'unfurling' with you, and welcoming you into the lovely Space Upstairs. 

Mindful Circle with Sarah Harper

07922 543247

Gather with us for some fun & nourishing relaxation, connection & self-care before the Christmas rush. 

Includes a mindful breathing technique, a journaling practice & a group sharing circle.


Bronwyn Tutty

07397 147638

Disco & Dance with Bron on the last Saturday of the month

Marian Spencer 07539 796745

I’m a fully qualified Baby Massage Therapist.  I obtained my qualification through the Scottish School of Child & Baby Massage.  I also have an SVQ Level 7 in Play work.

 Before becoming a Massage Therapist I worked in childcare for over 20 years.  During this time I mostly worked with children with additional support needs.  This is where I was first introduced to Child Massage and witnessed firsthand the huge benefits it can bring to a child and baby’s development, whilst also educating and most importantly supporting parents.

When my son was a newborn, I took him to a Baby Massage Class.  Both of us enjoyed it so much we continued practicing the techniques at home whilst he was growing and going through different developmental stages.  Seeing the benefits this brought to me and my son, after a lot of thought, I decide to pursue my passion and get my qualification as a Baby Massage Therapist.  Since then I have been running my own successful business which I love!

I am dedicated to my job.  It is such a privilege to meet so many lovely parents and be lucky enough to be a part of their baby’s development

My classes are tranquil, small and delivered by myself, which I feel gives a more relaxed personal experience.  I provide personalised care to each of my clients, tailoring my treatment to address any specific concerns, whilst promoting relaxation, bonding, learning and fun.  I am committed and extremely passionate about what I do.