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Dance your body - free your mind!

The Space Upstairs 2019

The Space Upstairs offers a creative, peaceful space that can be used by individuals or groups

The Space Upstairs offers a large airy room/dance studio of 90 sq m and a For rates of hire please see ‘rates’ page.  To enquire about  booking please email or call 07773391801 DO NOT USE FACEBOOK - I WILL NOT SEE IT!!!

 The History 2009

The Space Upstairs grew from a selfish desire to dance in a beautiful space that would be available all the time and negate the need to rent halls around the town.  The building had been run as a delicatessen and cafe but had closed a few months before I went to see it with dancing in mind.  The upstairs was perfect, a lovely light room with high ceilings.  The stairs originated from the centre of the downstairs and so the first thing that had to be done was to remove the staircase and install another one, thereby making two separate entrances. The rest is history - now………..

A space for something new - breath, creativity, possibility............................